Templatepanic Jeep Grand Cherokee Header Image

Continuing making header image for your blog template, this time I present a jeep Cherokee. This header image is available in size 900 px x 250 px. But the PSD layered file is available by request.

The image of the car was taken from 2008 jeep grand cherokee reviews site, which is a good site with good information about jeep grand Cherokee.

Basically the 2008 jeep Grand Cherokee is for those who like to have adventure with off-road trip. Its ability to go off road and its sporty is the plus value for this car, but talking about comfortable riding, this 2008 jeep Grand Cherokee is bouncy and consuming fuel.

The engine of the jeep Grand Cherokee comes with various engine chices. There is the new 3.0L V6 Turbo Common-Rail Diesel Engine renowned for it’s fuel economy in a 4×4 vehicle. The powerful 5.7 L HEMI√Ę V8 Engine with Multi-Displacement System which offers an economy saving piston displacement system, which kicks in when the Grand Cherokee maintains a cruising speed of 40 – 60 mph (4 of the 8 cylinders will deactivate adding to gas-saving efficiency).

As a high end car, jeep Grand Cherokee is equipped with safety and security system as an important feature. The Electronic Stability Program in operation with the antilock braking system and the traction control system are the sophisticated system that this car has.

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