TemplatePanic Graphic Design and Digital Printing

For a business like TemplatePanic who produces graphic designs, most of the time the job is somehow related to advertising. You may say that the most graphic design business is about advertising and how to expose information or business of the client to the general public.

Not long ago, we had collaboration with other company who works in printing industry. This company owns a digital offset printing machine called HP Indigo. It is famous in the world of printing business that this machine is very powerful. It can print with a near offset printing fast. The most exciting thing about this HP Indigo is the customer has no minimum order. The customer can just print only one piece of work with a very cheap price.

The good thing about this HP Indigo is it can print in almost any kind of paper that usually used to print in offset printing. It can also print on stickers.

It can be very useful to use this for graphic designer because it can be used to make a proof print. One piece of sample can be made exactly like what it will look like before it goes to mass production. But many customers are also makes a final product with this digital offset printing because it is fast and for the less amount of production it is cheaper than offset printing.

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