Taking Care of Your Pool Cue

For those of you who like to play billiards, you will be surely has your own pool cue for enhancing your playing performance. Your own pool cue is important because it will determine your playing style. There are many different kinds of pool cues and all with its own specifications.

Your pool cue needs to be taken care. To do so you need other items to take care of it. A cue case, a scuffer, cue tips, and a cue cube are all generally needed. Every time you need to bring few cue tips because sometime you need to replace it regularly.

Pool cue is very easy to be damaged. The changing of environment (hot and cold) can cause the pool cue broken. The other thing is handling. It is important to take care or give it to someone who understands about this. Putting cue leaning against the wall or table can cause side pressure. Pool cues are designed to be as straight as a line – thus is the reason they are placed on vertical racks!

Another action that should not be done is waving the pool and using it to move balls sideway. It can also cause damage. So make sure you don’t let anybody borrow your pool cue and keep a watchful eye on your precious ‘weapon’.