Storing Your Data Online

Data online backup is a method of storing data, can be files, folders or the entire contents of a system or website data or working data in an offsite data storage. This is becoming more and more important to many people especially whose work requires a lot of data processing in the computer. There are advantages to use this system compared to the others.

Compared to tape backup and disc backup, online data storage is more secure. There are possibilities that happen often that backing up data on tape or disc can get failure and broken. It will be very frustrating when it happens at the wrong time.

Accessible from Everywhere
With a remote site, you can access your data from everywhere as long as there is an internet connection. Internet connection nowadays is available everywhere and it is pretty cheap. So, instead of bringing a physical storage, the online storage is much more practical.

No capital Investment
Basically if you are in a company or organization, to purchase a backup system might require approval because it requires monthly fee for the service.

It is free
If you visit, you can get the service for free. They are of course providing upgrade for more features, but the free account is already a good way to start.