Sophisticated Fresh Car Header Image

Fresh Car Header image for blog template
This time I have the opportunity to present to you more header image for you to be used for your blog. I give the title of this header image, Sophisticated fresh car header image. Hopefully you like it and can apply it to your car related blog or website.

This header image is as usual in 900 pixels x 300 pixels size, but you can crop it as you need or if you want, you also can request for another size.

The image of this header was taken from insixthgear website which sells high performance car parts. Along with this header image I want to share tips about car maintenance that I usually do.

Basically bringing your car to a service station regularly to have it checked is needed, but if you don’t want to do it you can do it less often but don’t forget to do regular check at home for small things like listed below.

The tires need to be rotated after every 8000 km, and change them as needed. Also keep the tires inflated and aligned. The pressure of the tires also needs to be checked at least once a week.

Every after 50000 mile the rubber belt needs to be replaced. Make sure to use only the original spare parts. Have your care tuned up regularly.

Beside that, to keep the outside look clean and shiny, I always have my car washed regularly and wax it occasionally.

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