Software for Your Digital Images

If you are new in digital photography, you may be wondering about which digital camera is best for you. While digital camere is really an aspect, but don’t forget that there is another element beside choosing digital camera. It is your software to clean up, edit, categorize and even protect your digital photos. Here are some photo software available in the market you might need.

ACDSee is one of the best software to do some small editing like rotation, brightening, cropping and enhancing. It also helps you to categorize your photo, and make a database.

Photo Editing Software
If you can afford Adobe photoshop or Corel Painter, you will get a powerful tool to edit and manipulate your digital photos. These programs have high-end features not found in typical lower-end packages and are used by professional photographers. Their prices are also much higher – so do your research first if you’re thinking of buying one.

If it is too expensive for you, one of the best programs for photo editing is the GIMP. It’s a nice, clean image editor originally used under the UNIX operating system but has now been distributed for Windows. You can download it for free.

Some photographer have “secret photo”: that need protection from public view, you may also consider to use Hide Photos. This software protects your photos with password, and basically is better than protecting data with zip. It never extract anything onto the hard disk, and leaves absolutely no traces while you’re working with the image.

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