Shopping Online

Doing internet business for almost two years, I am becoming more and more comfortable buying things online. There are many advantages if you buy things online via internet. For me, the most important advantage is convenience. You don’t need to leave home to go to the mall and do the shopping.

Beside the convenience, the price is also a good reason for shop online. Many sites offer free shipping and coupon to get a better deal. There are a lot of sites today offer different kinds of shopping online. Buxr Deals for example, is the online market that make possible for you to get the best deal by using coupon and bidding system.

There are three steps I observe when someone do, start from searching until he decide to finally make a purchase online.

Step one is browsing. When someone wants to search for certain item, he will search in the internet for that item. The specification and feature the item has or the material and the quality if it is a clothes. People will gather as many information as he can about the item he want to purchase.

Step two is comparing. After gathering all that information, usually people will compare with other similar product, maybe different type or different brand. It this phase usually the price is also being compared.

The final step is buying. This is the most important step. This is where someone decides to buy online or not. It could be depend on the facility of the online shop, what they offer to make the customer choose to buy there. It could be coupon to get the best deal or free shipping, or it could be additional bonuses.

So wherever side you are in now, buyer or seller, pay attention to that three steps. It will help you in your online activities.

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