Sharing Your Video in Internet

Blog, basically, it is an online journal where you can place your thoughts, ideas, opinions—in other words, anything that people want to know about a particular thing. It comes in different formats and styles, and settings; it has so many variations.

One of the latest feature can be found nowadays is video blogging or sharing your video via blogs. Now, you can post vieos in your blog. This is sometime called video blog.

Video blogging also called vblogging is submitting a video into a website. The video can be about anything like your hobbies, family, business, etc. Once you submit your video, it can be seen by other people from internet.

How to Create an “Internet Video”:
Creating an internet video is different with a regular video, although the process is basically the same. Record your video on your digital camera or camcoder, then put your video together after you download it in your computer. There are many different software to edit and make your video composition beautiful. The important thing about creating video for internet is compression. You need to compress your video to make it smaller size, it will shorted the download time.

Once compression is completed, you are ready to submit it. Join the video community where you can post your video. Make sure you read the TOS carefully and you don’t violate the rule. Let everybody know what you want to say, what you feel, or who you really are through video blogging. This article is to encourage you to share your home made video and share with other.

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