SEO Link Building Strategies

link building strategiesThe best traffic for a website is targeted traffic which is from search engine search. Paid per click campaign is a good way to get a mass traffic instantly, but still in internet marketing strategy, getting traffic from search engine is also important, even some say that traffic from search engine which is resulted by working on SEO of the website is the most valuable thing.

What do we need to do if we want to do SEO Link Building Strategies? There are some aspect that search engine consider about giving value to inbound link in a website. Thus, anchor text, relevancy of the website linked to your web, and the page rank of the website linked to you. Building inbound links to a website requires strategy. Google consider when assigning rankings, the volume and quality of relevant inbound anchor text links is one of the most crucial elements. You can think that a link to your website like a vote of authority to your website. The more vote you get, the better your rank will be. The rank of the “voter” is also crucial. Once you have inbound link from PR5 website, it may be the same value with 1000 links from PR1. Just for a consideration.

Beside inbound link, other thing that needs to be considered in your website is the quality and volume of on-page content. The age of a domain also counted. If you a beginner SEO practician, here are the list you can do in building your link for a website.

Submit your site to web/blog directories.
Blog commenting can help you getting backlinks.
You can be active in related forums, post quality contents there, and leave signatures. But just remember, do not spam.
Social bookmark your website.

If you want more and you have budget for your website, you can hire SEO companies to build links for your website. Some of them are really professional. This might help a lot because people who doesn’t know SEO tend to spam.

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