SEO for Small Business

Lately, Google has been paying attention to the online small business. It seems like he is selecting the real one, separating with the scams and money games. If you have a real small business, this is the best opportunity to do it online and doing an online marketing. Google is more supporting this kind of business. Besides doing online paid campaigns, I also have to work on SEO for my small business website. Same with the paid campaigns, to do SEO I also have to set a certain budget. SEO is very important because it will last for longer period with more stable leads. For the beginning, you might spend more, but it will last longer relatively without any additional cost.

While online marketing is relatively cheaper than offline marketing, there are still some budgets that need to be set. In doing SEO, you might have a big budget available to do so, but you also need time to understand what the right SEO strategy for you. Well, I don’t have a big amount of money but I need to find a strategy that work with my SEO budget. Hopefully you can compete in the online world for your small business.

One of the way is to consult with an SEO expert. Finding out the best SEO strategy is the most important thing to start. If you have small budget like me, you might consider to get as much done for free as possible. So you should consider to get them done all by yourself. Hire a staff if necessary to do all the link building and submission by yourself instead of having an outsource. For the basic on site optimization which is very important, you can consider to ask for help from an expert SEO consultant, at least for the first time because you don’t really have the knowledge about this.