Seamless Candy Image For Your Blog Template

seamless candy image for your blog template, website background or wallpaper

Being in the candy business is interesting. Candy theme always brings excitement when used to decorate special occasions. I want to present a special candy image which you can use as a background for your web design. For those of you who have a blog or website about Bulk candy, you can freely use this image as your background. Link back to this TemplatePanic blog is appreciated but it is not a must.

The interesting thing of including candy as your theme is the color scheme. No matter what color you choose, you can still find candy to match, right? It can make your web site use any color you want. You can name any candy for any color. Red Hots for red, Hot Tamales or Very Cherry Jelly Bellys. Need pink and brown colors? Try chocolate-raspberry saltwater taffy. If you need some light blue color you can use Cotton candy flavored rock candy or some Berry Blue Jelly Bellys, while for pink color or blue you can pick Cotton candy candy sticks.

Web site or blog related to candy is also related to fun. It is worth to make if you are a candy lover. Visit TemplatePanic for more header images, cliparts and also blog templates and wordpress themes collection.