Printer Cartridge: Reuse, Refill, Recycle

Managing a design graphic office, I often use printer for proofing the design. The use of printer sometime make us crazy because when we use it often and the frequent cartridge changing, it seems like also need to be well organized. The pile of Printer Ink cartridges often become a wasteful pile if we let them for so long.

We just made a decision to organize the use of printer ink cartridge. It is a matter of efficiency and also for the sake of saving the earth program. We decided to recycle and reuse whatever we can.

As a graphic design firm who use printer a lot, we need a good quality ink in term of print result and durability. Because we use them a lot, to make it more efficient we need the high quality ink with cheap price as possible. Well you need to be wise deciding what brand you want to use.

So many ink cartridge providers available and so many brands you can choose and all with their price and quality. The important thing about choosing the ink provider for our office is the guarantee they give. There are at least three kind of guarantee we get from the ink provider: the price, the print result quality and the ink effect for the printer!

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