Plurk, A Microblogging Tool for Having a Community

There are so many ways in having a community in the internet. There are many sites that has grown big like Friendster, MySpace and FaceBook. They all have their big members which are enjoying each other in the community. The features each site provide are also various and fun. It is one of the reason why the members still stay active in the community.

Just about few weeks ago, my friend introduced Plurk to me. It is a micro-blogging website they called. It is allowing users to write a brief message to be viewed by other members.

There are some definition of Plurk if we ask to different people who are using it. Plurk is like an instant messenger, but shorter. It is a sociall journal. It is like Twitter, but more fun. It is a micro-blogging website, a great way of keeping up with your friends busy lives. It is like mini conversation, we can respond to what our friends say and share our own thing.

Seeing Plurk with my blog template designer, this micro blog community has an interesting aspect. Like other blogging and community media, there are sites that offer Plurk Layouts, Themes, Designs and CSS. Basically you can customize your Plurk layout to make it different, exclusive and different with other profile.

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