Playing World of Warcraft

It has been my passion for the last five years, playing online game like Starcraft and Warcraft. It was even before I started to make web template and blog template and publish them online. Until now I still play them occasionally. I still like this game and visit the website regularly to check out the news and stuffs. There are also few blog template about World of Warcraft in this TemplatePanic web site if you like to download it.

The game World of Warcraft is different with the regular Warcraft III game, although they are both can be played online. World of Warcraft (WoW) is a development of the original famous ‘real time strategy’ game of Warcraft III. If in Warcraft III the player usually play one nation or race, against the other nation, which involves building and training troops, in this World of Warcraft, it is the RPG version of Warcraft III.

In this World of Warcraft game, the player only play one character, exploring the unlimited world of warcraft, joining with other player all over the world, having adventures together and increasing the level of the hero.

There are so many interesting things in this RPG version, because what will happen is unpredictable. New items and places keep coming out, and different enemies too. There are also marketplaces where the players can buy or sell items. It makes this game more and more interesting and get many people into it.

Some people like to buy wow accounts instead of playing it from the beginning. Buying an account give advantage to the player because the character they play is not a noob anymore. This buying and selling accounts in RPG world makes it more interesting.

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