Online Meeting and Video Conferencing Tools

One of the most experiences that helped me in developing my internet marketing skill is from an internet marketing courses. There are so many tips and tricks I have been using to develop this TemplatePanic web design and development blog. I have been a member of a local internet marketing course here. Although I don’t get much new things anymore now I’m still active in being its member.

It’s kind of funny that some people are against the internet marketing course just because of they think the information given by the course should be given freely. Anyway, I still plan to be its member regardless what people say.

Talking about having an online course, the method and the way they give lessons and how they communicate is more and more advance now. I remember when the first time I joined this community, we were still using a Yahoo group mailing list, and now it is upgraded to a forum, and the forum already changed few times in order to make it better.

OMB June is also talking about the advancing technology of online meeting. There are many tools and software which can help people to do an online meeting. So many third parties provide video conferencing and online meeting tools. They even provide them as an open source.

Internet marketers should also think about using this technology to go to the next level in selling their products.