My First TemplatePanic Logo

When I was about to make TemplatePanic website, one of my biggest concern was its logo. Logo is very important for me, because it will be my first chance to show people a good impression. It is almost always the first thing a visitor will see. Once the visitors become familiar with the website, the logo will always be associated with our website. That’s why I took it seriously making it.

I am a graphic designer, and I wanted to design TemplatePanic logo carefully so my message to the public can be recognized effectively. So it is important to choose each aspect of the logo.

A good “logo design”: should be simple, recognizable, and able to communicate the right message. The color of the logo is important. It affects people in almost anything.

The other aspect is the general style. It will determine the overall feeling to the public. From the logo style people will see whether the company is casual or formal, expensive or low priced, trendy or conservative, etc.

The next aspect is the size. Size is also important to consider. A logo should be designed to be recognizable and effective according to its size.

Well, that is a little sharing about how my TemplatePanic logo was created. What do you think? What is in your mind when you see TemplatePanic logo?

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