Keyboard with Style

templatepanic - online virtual keyboard
Have you ever use virtual on screen keyboard? If you don’t, you should try this one. This is a cool revolution about customizing your keyboard for your use. The difference of this keyboard compared with usual onscreen keyboard is its customizability. You can use gesture to quickly change case or insert spaces. The buttons are programmable for performing routine operations. Your copy-paste action can be bone a lot faster and easier. This keyboard also supports multiple languages and has many choices of keyboard layouts. The look and behavior can be customized easily. It also has word auto complete to fasten your typing. Customization of launching applications, open web pages with single tap on one key.

This hot virtual keyboard enables the users of touch screen devices like UMPC, car PC, tablet PC, Panel PC or even your PC.

Right now there are more than 40 different virtual on-screen keyboard layout that you can choose depending your need and style. If they are still doesn’t suit you, you can still make your own. Specify the background, making your own shape, color and the font for the keys. Also custom the sounds you want to make group of different functions.

Hot Virtual Keyboard software is completely free to try!

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