Jumong theme is based on a popular Korean historical drama series. Jumong was the son of Hae Mo-su (a legendary soldier of Korea) and Yuh-wa (princess of the Habaek nation). Since the father is a very good archer, Yuh-wa named her child ‘Jumong,’ which was said to mean “skilled archer”.


Jumong Theme’s live demo | [download#72]

Since this is my favorite drama, I want to put Jumong’s synopsis here:

Gojoseon has fallen to the Han Empire of China. All that is left are separate city-states that have no choice but to appease the Han Empire. The Han are cruel, taking refugees prisoner and demonstrating their new iron weapons on them.

Hae Mo-su, joins hands with Geumwa, the crown prince of Buyeo, to counter Han. But Hae Mo-su gets injured after a skirmish against Han soldiers, and floats down a river, half alive. Then Yuh-wa finds him and nurses him back to health. They start a relationship. However, the Han are looking for Hae Mo-su and find him. Hae Mo-su escapes and travels until Gyeh-Ru. The ruler of the Gyeh-Ru tribe, Yeon Ta-Bal, offers Hae Mo-su a job within the caravan. They set up camp and So Seo-No, Gyeh-Ru’s daughter, is born. Hae Mo-su returns to Geumwa, and they resume the skirmishes. But, Hae Mo-su is captured and blinded by the Han. Geum-wa fails to save Hae Mo-su. Hae Mo-su is shotted with arrows and presumably dead in the river.

Yuh-wa has Hae Mo-su’s child. She goes to the Crown Prince of Buyeo. Jumong becomes a prince of Buyeo. This story is about Jumong learn of his father, his violent rivalry among him and his half-brothers, his love for So Seo-No, and a revival of the Da-mul Gun and the founding of Goguryeo.

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