How to Quickly Increase Traffic To Your Website

One of the most difficult questions to answer in the world of SEO is when a person or a company, who has started promoting and advertising their website, asks when it will start to increase web traffic and by how much. The biggest problem a site faces is that search engines look for signals that verify the quality of the site and that it responds to the needs of users. Certainly, internal factors such as the content, structure, and layout of the website are still relevant, however, these elements will only serve to get you started and do not ensure increased traffic as indicated by several SEO Denver companies. So the question to ask is how to drive traffic to the website?

Inbound Links

There are a number of signals that Google considers to determine if a site has the right content to be shown in good positions for a given search. Inbound links are important. What are these? Those who mention your site from another web page and that continues to be a positive indicator of the authority and trust with which users look at your site are considered inbound links. However, you must be careful with the strategy of creating links, since Google could interpret a link as manipulation that only seeks to increase traffic and not as a casting vote for the site.

Social Networks

Social media is another of the fundamental factors to generate traffic through mentions, links, “likes”, “shares”, tweets, and Google Plus. The more present you are in social networks, Google will tend to position your website better and, as a consequence, you will increase your site traffic. Remember that agreement and context are essential here. If your business sells curtains, it doesn’t do much for a video game-oriented Facebook group to mention you. You must be able to find your target audience.

Effective Promotion

How do you increase traffic quickly? There are several ways for this; however, there are three ways that appear to be the most efficient to achieve this goal. One such way is effective promotion. At some point, you must consider an ad campaign that promotes your company through multiple means, not only on the Internet. You could do this with:

  • Community, neighborhood, or customer events
  • Press, interviews
  • Campaigns on social networks like Facebook
  • Notices in Google AdWords (Search and display network)
  • Sending direct mail
  • Advertising on radio, public roads, and TV (if you have the budget)

All these measures can help spread your business to the target audience. It can be very useful to achieve SEO objectives, playing a very important role, since they will cause a growth impact on all signals at the same time.


To quickly increase the traffic of a website, you must ensure that it offers a great user experience, is of good quality, and easy navigation to potential customers. The best way to start is to compare the site with the competition. It is very important to measure and evaluate, so you can make all the necessary changes.

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