Things to Know If You are New to Drawing Tablet

Most drawing artist usually start learning their skill by using pencils and paper. But as they are more and more into technology, it is a good thing to start learning to make an art digitally using drawing tablet. Instead of making the art manually using pencil and paper, or watercolor, oil painting, marker, acrylic paint, or whatever it is, and scan it afterwards.

Drawing digitally can become a must requirement for artist nowadays as we become more and more advanced today. Before you start using drawing tablet as a tool of making art, there are things to understand.

The first thing is the setting. There are some button that you can assign according to your need. With these button assigned, it will be easier and faster to use because we can use the button for tools that we often use. Drawing tablet is designed for both left handed and right handed user. Make sure you set the tablet according to you. Also don’t forget to practice to feel the stroke because most drawing tablet comes with pressure sensitivity. Find your most comfortable setting to maximize the result.

One of the most popular drawing tablets is PicassoTab XL. It is one of the drawing tablets with lots of good reviews. It comes with all the things you need to get started right away.

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