How to Do an Informal Survey

android vs iphoneMany times in our life, we are faced with choices. Sometime we know the best choice we are going to make but sometime we aren’t. Also, many times we want to know about honest opinion about what people think about something. We really want to know the people or our friends’ honest opinion before we decide something, like whether to buy Blackberry, iPod or Galaxy Tab. It might be important information that we need because we want to make a crucial decision, or just want to know the truth about something just for fun.

Actually whatever question you can ask away and get the ‘survey result’ via online. You only have to sign up and join with a community, and you can start adding friends and get connected with new friends too, then start asking questions to get their opinions. You don’t need to worry because the opinion will be anonymous so it will be honest. You want to know what people think about your song you just wrote whether it is cool or sucks, just ask away.

This is a new way how people doing survey. The respondents are the people who are connected to you. It will be the people you know, the people that you choose and it will be the category of people you selected. It is gun to do an informal survey. May be you want to play a family feud game? Prepare the question with valid survey and valid result.

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