How I Transfer my WordPress Blog to Another Web Hosting

transfer wordpress to another domainAre you sick with your current web hosing service and want to move to another?
Want to transfer your WordPress blog to another hosting? Actually the process is not as difficult as we think. Just now I have done the process successfully. There are some minor mistakes that I’ve done but I could fix them easily. I write the steps here so if this is your first time, you know exactly what to do. This may not the perfect way, but this is what I did.

Login to you WordPress blog and update your WordPress with the latest version. This can be done easily with WPAU plugin.

Go to tools menu then export your database, save it in your computer.

With FTP program, download all files in your domain folder to your computer.

Go to setting menu and take note to all the setting that you have, including permalinks and the setting of plugins. Also take a note of the list of active plugins and theme you are using. This is important because you are going to set it again later.

Change your DNS to your new hosting, then add the domain hosted there.

Install WordPress in your new web hosting preferably with fantastico, then upgrade it to the latest version.

Upload all WordPress files you downloaded before to your new installed WordPress.

Go to the tools menu then import the XML file (database) you downloaded before. And your WordPress is ready!

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