Guide to Sustainable Marketing

Global warming is not a joke and although the awareness is quite wide, the progress on actions taken to reverse or prevent it is pretty slow. Companies have been taking steps to take social and environmental responsibility, however; it will take an effort from each and everyone to reach the goal of saving the planet. CSR that is, Corporate Social Responsibility has encouraged a lot of companies to move towards sustainability but it is not enough to take upon the weight of the severity of the issue.

If you are looking to go sustainable and market the same, here are a few simple ways you can achieve your goal.

Consumer-Oriented Strategies

The most common misconception about sustainable goods is that they are of low quality. The first step is to disabuse people of this notion and allow them to test and believe in your product. Your strategies need to be plotted from your customer’s perspective. You need to keep in mind that introducing a new concept to your consumers might confuse and intimidate them. Hence while marketing makes sure you are staying on message and reassuring the value of your brand.

Tell Them What You’re Exactly Doing

There are various kinds of sustainable methods you can employ in your organization. There is “green” marketing and “greenwash” marketing. Make sure that you are giving your users a clear idea of what you are marketing and the methods you are using to make your brand sustainable. The center of attention should be the step you take and how it affects your product.

Holistic Approach

Show your consumers the bigger picture and how these steps will benefit you in the long run. The main issue with the mindset people have regarding sustainable marketing is that a small change will not make a difference. You need to reinforce that these small steps will accumulate to create a big impact in the long term. You can use numbers, examples, and stories to motivate your consumers.

Create a Pricing Strategy

People are often afraid that sustainable products are expensive. Hence, you need to plan out an effective and tactical strategy to convince them that sustainability is cost-saving in the long term. Take the example of Levi’s jeans. They manufacture their denim in an eco-friendly manner however their price is not affected by it. Figure out innovative ways and take advantage of video marketing to present your ideas forward transparently and creatively. The main idea should be the societal issues that you are addressing and how it’s not about the brand but more about being socially responsible.

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Sustainability is a slow and often tiring process. However, it is the price you have to pay for the damage caused. Companies must take responsibility for the environmental harm they are causing and try their best to reduce it. Sustainable marketing will appease customers, benefit the organization and contribute to society.

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