GPS Choosing Tips from TemplatePanic

The GPS (Global Positioning System) technology has greatly developed recently. Since the first time it was made for US Department of Defense, over time the system has been developed into a civilian friendly program, and GPS tracker technology has become smaller and smaller as well. The vehicle tracking devices for example are only the size of deck of cards.

These tips below are for buyers who like to buy these tracking devices. You need to consider these six things.

The screen size and the sound are important, especially if you are using it when you are driving. It should be bright and easy to read. Think also of the buttons. The buttons size is important. With the right size of buttons you will be comfortable pressing the button. Make sure you also try the sound. The sound should be loud and clear.

Downloadable maps and memory feature is also important. The downloadable map helps the user so the map is always the updated one. The memory you have, there will be more waypoints, landmarks and locations.

The more channels a GPS has, is the better because it will display the information faster.

Some GPS doesn’t display the street names. It is very helpful if it can display the street names. It might be dangerous to turn right, following the GPS without knowing the name of the street.

Choose the GPS which has a last long battery.

Bluetooth is good for the one who need cell phone while driving. But you need to be aware that GPS with Bluetooth is more expensive of course.

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