Franchise growth in a post-pandemic world

burger franchise

Market growth for restaurant franchising is healthy in this post-pandemic world, with many chains establishing an ever-widening footprint across the country. Those considering a burger franchise would likely see impressive growth numbers, according to the latest trends and industry statistics.

If you’re thinking about steps toward ownership, consider that:

  • Trusted industry research shows the burger segment is worth more than $115 billion and the market size of burger restaurants is expected to increase 17% this year.
  • A big allure of fast-food restaurants will continue to be drive-through, walk-up, or integrated (contactless) delivery systems.
  • The fast-food industry has performed remarkably well when compared with other industries, not only during Covid but over the last five years.

But what should you focus on first?

Have a plan to grow your brand

We’re still at the point where the word “Covid” likely remains part of our daily lexicon. That’s because it’s difficult to comprehend the magnitude of the pandemic, or even to recall exactly what life was like before our day-to-day existence (as people and as business owners) changed so drastically.

Now that you’re familiar with navigating the ever-shifting landscape created by the pandemic, going forward and growing your brand will seem less daunting. The key thing is to lay out a plan to best focus your time and resources.

Set yourself apart, socially

All businesses rely on customers to grow, but the pandemic made it even more imperative to maintain close contact with core customers and influencers. Why? We’re all spending more time online than ever before, working remotely, teleconferencing, attending virtual classes and workshops, and even hosting happy hour over Zoom.

With people logging so many hours online each day, franchise growth can be achieved by helping customers find your information online and making sure your social media is up-to-date, and generating positive interaction. You might also consider giving customers an incentive to spread the word about your burgers and other offerings and being even savvier with your digital marketing efforts. 

Keep the focus on what customers love

The word is out that consumers love their burgers — for a variety of reasons. Whether that’s fresh ingredients, new blends of beef, or over-the-top presentations, there’s a formula out there to keep those burger lovers coming back for more.

With various burger franchise options available, it also helps to know that customers continue to seek out authenticity to a brand and its products. That means customers will decide for themselves whether a brand is genuine and real and will choose to associate with it.

These tips — and an understanding that franchisees have unlimited opportunities to tap into growing consumer demand — should point aspiring restauranteurs in the right direction for continued success.

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