Flower Photo for Graphic Design Element

For some graphic designer flower is the best element for design, whether it is a graphical motives or photos. Some of the blog template provided in TemplatePanic also has flower as its theme. Here are some photography tips for taking picture of flower.

One thing you need to know about color if you want to take picture of flora or fauna that red is the strongest color in photography. It attracts human eyes, thus it is important to place the position if you have red color.

To add dramatic effect, photographers sometime add dew drop on the flower. You can simply spray water on it. To make it more solid you can use glycerine (can be bought at drugstore). Mix it with water with 50-50 percentage to get more consistent dew effect on the flower.

The real thing is better and worth to afford. The natural habitat is the best. Wake up early in the morning to get fresher dew. More vibrant and warmer color can be taken in the afternoon. You will be surprised to see the result of taking picture in the different time during the day.

Sometime you need to bring flowers to do a studio shoot. That is also good. Make sure you get the perfect flowers for your object. Taking flowers from its habitat is good but if it is necessary you can get flowers from wholesale flowers or the other florists.

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