Find Duplicate Files

As a graphic designer and web template maker. TemplatePanic has made a lot of photos. Digital photography technology now is allowing people to take photos easily. The price of digital camera now is also affordable even for people from medium and lower class. The technology of internet is getting more and more advanced. Fast internet connection speed now enables us to download videos even by streaming (watching and downloading). All the easiness makes our digital photo collection piled and unorganized.

I have a large storage in my hard drive full of photograph from many resources. Most of them are unorganized and unsorted. Many of them are also duplicated. The problem of having multiple digital photo files is sometime it eat up so much space of your hard drive. It is unsorted and a redundancy.

The easy way to find the duplicate files is by using Duplicate File Finder Software. By using it you will be able to find duplicate files and remove it if you want. It is a small free shareware that is very useful.

Usually the duplicate files in our hard drive beside the photos are MP3, iTunes and documents. You can search them by content, by MP3 title or by its properties.

This is the good software actually for finding your duplicate images and also files with zero size.