Emergency Situation: Hard Drive Recovery

Have you ever experience when suddenly your computer cannot be accessed or when you boot your computer, you see the failure message instead of going through your login page? This frustrating condition could happen anytime and anyone who is using computer. Well, as a user of computer for many years I have been experience this for many times. The failure of accessing your hard disk could be caused by the logical damage to the file system, or it also can be caused by physical damage that happen to the hard drive itself.

The damage that takes place to the hard drive could happen because of several mechanical failures like the mechanical of the hard drive motor, or the head crash. Physical damage that happens mostly can cause the logical damage to the data. It means the files in the hard drive are also damaged or corrupted. That is why the hard drive recovery is very important especially when you have important data or project saved in the hard drive.

Even though I have been using computer for so long, there is always a time when I experience the loss of my data, graphic design, projects and other important files because of the hard drive failure. Sometime it can be solved by taking our hard drive to a shop which has hard drive repair service.

Most of the failure which is caused by physical damage can not be repaired by user itself. First, opening the hard drive by our self in normal condition can cause dust to get on its surface and it can result even more damage to our hard drive. The company with the hard drive repair service usually has Class 100 clean room facility to protect the hard drive while it is being repaired. The tool called magnetometer usually also used to retrieve the lost bits from the magnetic media.

Another thing that can cause the system failure is software. It may caused by viruses, malware or spyware, or accidental deletion on our files or folders, accidental format, partition loss, or software malfunction.

There are many services available now for those kinds of problems. Start from hard drive recovery
until data recovery services. DTI Data for example, even has Data Recovery Resources which provides pretty complete information about hard drive and data recovery. It has a professional service with reasonable price I think.

It is recommended to prepare your umbrella before rain, prepare your backup plan before something bad happen.

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