Email Marketing Software

templatepanic - email marketing softwreInternet marketing uses many tools in doing his business. One of the tools they are using is email marketing software. Some people are using autoresponder subscription to setup their email campaign promoting their business. Instead of using autoresponder, email marketing software can do a lot more.

1-2-all offers great features of this software with unlimited mailing lists and subscribers. This software is installed in your server and you are in control while still having the support backing of active campaign. It is good because the number of subscribers is unlimited, and the number of emails you can send is also unlimited.

Compared to autoresponder with monthly fee, this software seems to be better because it has no monthly fee ever. It has all of autoresponder’s features.

Here is the list of its advantages:

  • No monthly fee
  • The number of subscribers is unlimited and the number of email sending is also unlimited.
  • You can rebrand the software and resell as yours.
  • It also has extensive reporting and campaign analysis.
  • Free technical support and upgrades are also available. The software installation is also can be done by help for free.
  • Like any other software, it also has satisfaction guarantee in 60 days without restriction.
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