Designing Your Own Blog

Congratulation! Finally you decided to have your own blog. It doesn’t matter what topic is interesting for you. It might be a blog about fashion, business and finance, just a collection of ideas and thoughts, or a design blog, or a blog about web design.

Designing blog is a very exciting work to do. It is the time to pour all your thoughts, express your ideas to make something you want the people see. To begin a blog designing, you first need to design your own website in an attractive and appealing manner. After you have got your basic web page posted you will be able to make any adjustments that you feel are needed. You can choose from many and various free web editors and commercial versions that are widely available.

Other than HTML editors, you can also use CMS (Content Management System) scripts for your blog. There are a lot of CMS scripts available. If I may recommend, WordPress is good for starting to learn about designing a blog. It is very simple and the tutorials are also available everywhere. Just search in your favorite search engine and you can get tons of results about wordpress. It is a free download script and have a lot of support.

Just for your information, TemplatePanic is also using WordPress. We also provide related tutorials about this.

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