Decorate Your Windows

As an interior designer a graphic designer I always want the best thing for my place to live. Especially when it comes to decorating the interior where I stay or work. Recently in our working place we have few rooms with windows which need to be decorated. The windows were plain and have nothing on it. In order to keep the room from outside sun and make it not too transparent, we need to put something on those windows.

There are few alternative to do that. You can use window curtain, window blinds (mini blinds, vertical blinds and horizontal blinds) or even stickers. Window shade can be used as an interior decoration and it can build the environment looks comfy.

About pricing, curtain might be more expensive than windows blinds. There are many kinds of window blinds: mini blinds, vertical blinds, panel track blinds (also called sliding window panels), shutters (also called plantation shutters), wood blinds and faux wood blinds.

For our room, finally we choose vertical blinds. Actually it is better because there is no horizontal surface where the dust can accumulate.

The price of windows blinds is usually cheaper than window curtain. One thing to consider about decorating your room is choosing the suitable and match with your room theme.

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