Forex Broker With Bonus

The word ‘forex’ simply means Foreign Exchange. It is the activity of excganging money from one currency to another. Differnt from spot market like stocks, forex doesn’t involve any goods, phisical or representative. Forex operates through buying, selling, and exchange between many different currencies from different countries.

If you are new to forex trading, you probably wonder why someone can be a successful trader. Some of you might think that they are may be start with a lot of money and use expensive tool or high-end charting software. I just want to ensure that those are myth.

The key of sucessful trading in forex market is the discipline, consistency and emotion. If you new or still learning to make money from forex trading, the first thing you might do is to open a demo account. With demo account you can try to trade in a real market, but without losing money. Search for a broker with good reviews and try to find a forex brokers with bonus if you want to trade with real money.

Forex bonus can help you to trade with bigger margin, so it will help you to hold position longer.

Departments In An Organization

Every business or organization needs people with certain qualifications to keep the company alive and thriving. Most organizations have employees, but some also contain multiple departments found within large businesses. The following are common departments found in almost all organizations today.


Accounting is the department that brings everything together. Without this department, it would be difficult to determine how much money an organization holds, how much it spends, its growth, and other details. Accountants receive money from consumers or clients, record all transactions within a ledger, monitor an organization’s bank account, track its expenses and report data to management. Finance executives are essentially the backbone of any successful organization today, for example, David Geithner.


Engineering allows organizations to move forward by creating new ideas without necessarily putting them into action first. This department is responsible for designing and developing products, meeting all safety requirements, and overseeing production. They also improve production methods, develop strategies for new businesses, and research new technology.


Marketing is responsible for promoting a company’s goods or services to consumers. It tries to create a demand for what a business offers by developing marketing plans, advertising campaigns, and public relations strategies. It handles customer service inquiries and investigates consumer feedback. This department is essential to increasing an organization’s revenue and profitability.

Human Resources

Human resources oversee the hiring process, training and development of employees, managing employee relations, and maintaining employee files. They also create a positive company culture by organizing social events and implementing wellness programs. They develop policies and procedures related to HR, such as onboarding new hires or disciplining employees. Without a strong HR department, an organization would have difficulty managing its employees effectively.


This department is responsible for acquiring goods and services needed by the company. It establishes contracts with suppliers, reviews bids, and makes purchase decisions. The purchasing agent also verifies that the products received meet all specifications and are of good quality. This is an important role in keeping an organization running efficiently and not wasting money on low-quality goods.


Production oversees the manufacturing or creating of products. They work with engineering to create a product design, determine the necessary resources, and ensure smooth production. Additionally, they manage the inventory and ensure that products are delivered on time. To be successful in this role, one must know various production methods and troubleshoot problems.


Sales are responsible for generating revenue by selling products or services to consumers or other businesses. This department creates proposals, negotiates contracts, and closes deals. They maintain relationships with clients and track customer data. To be successful in this role, one must have excellent communication and people skills.

Shipping and Receiving

Shipping and receiving oversee the movement of goods from suppliers to customers. This team receives incoming shipments, unloads them, and then inventory what was received. They ship items that clients request. This department is essential for making sure products move quickly throughout an organization.

Information and Communication Technology

ICT is responsible for all technology within an organization. They manage its computer systems, networks, email, and phone systems. They also develop and implement security measures to protect the company’s data. This department is essential for keeping an organization’s data safe and ensuring its employees have the tools they need to do their jobs. ICT is also responsible for developing and implementing new technology within the company, from introducing a new computer system to upgrading the phone system.

Each department in an organization is important to keep it running smoothly. By understanding what these departments do, you can better understand how an organization functions as a whole.

Best Car Racing Movie Recommendations!

You want to know the best car racing movie recommendations? It’s very fitting. Because this time the OKEGUYS team will provide recommendations specifically for you.

If you are bored with the same stories in movies, then there are movies that tell about car racing whose storylines will not bore you.

Well, don’t linger any longer, here’s the OKEGUYS team providing recommendations for you.

1. Fast & Furious

I don’t think it’s complete, Guys, if I don’t include this film in the first recommendation. Yep, Fast & Furious is a film about a combination of car racing and action.

The collaboration between the two genres is never wrong. Because all the sequels of the film are selling well in the market! And of course, get a lot of profit for the film.

2. Death Race

Unlike other films, Death Race is a story about a car racing set in prison. The venue was also made full of traps that would snatch the jockeys from the car.

3. Rush

If you are a Formula 1 lover, surely you are familiar with two F1 legends, namely James Hunt and Niki Lauda?

Yep, this film will present a competition between the two racers. The rivalry between the two of them started from the F3 event and continued to F1.

4. Need for Speed

Then, there is a film called Need for Speed ​​which raises the story of the most popular racing game of its time.

Tells the story of a racer who had to go to jail for murder charges. After being free, he returned to racing and defeated all his enemies.

5. Baby Driver

Next, there is Baby Driver which tells the story of a young boy who has a job as a driver for a gang of bank robbers. His driving skills and a lawsuit require him to work with doolix the robber.

This film will be full of car chases, and of course also show his efforts in the trap of the gang.

Well, that’s it guys, some recommendations for the best car racing movies that are a shame if you don’t watch it.

Choosing the Best Site for Gaming

During this time where people tend to stay at home most of their time, playing online games might be the thing that people choose. The number of people playing online gaming including online gambling like online casinos is increasing. New sites about online casinos are also coming up. The problem with so many new gambling sites is, it is becoming more and more difficult to find the trusted and the safe one.

Online gaming and casinos are the place where most hackers and credit card phishing activity commonly occur. It is strongly recommended that you check that the site where you play is trusted. Here are some helpful tips to increase the security before you choose the site where you want to play.

Let’s take a look at some points you need to check before even signing up to a gambling site. First is the reputation of the casino, by searching for a review before you decide to start. So many gamblers put their opinion online so you can decide whether a site is good or not. Then you also need to check the license and the registration of that online gambling site. A legitimate online gaming site must be licensed and registered to protect the security of their players. 

Let’s take an example like vegas99bet which people talk about recently. Third, you also need to check the banking option for making deposits and withdrawal. Some of the genuine payment options used by online casinos include prepaid cards, debit cards, online payments, credit cards, and money transfers. It is a good sign if you select a casino that has all the major payment options.

Some online gaming sites also give bonuses or gifts. These bonuses and gifts are things that can be compared to one another. The bigger bonus a site gives is better.

What Will Happen to Payment Volumes After the Epidemic

As the World Health Organization (WHO) issued an international notification to make sure that anything considered as any sort of risk of infection is as such, the focus of this article will be on the payments. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are set to benefit from this as part of a niche that was left on the table by credit and debit cards.

What is payment volume?

Payment volume is the number of “transactions” that happen every year. For example, if you own a retail establishment with $1,000,000-$2,000,000 in annual revenue and six months ago your payment volume was 1,100 but now it’s down to 800, then your payment volume has lost 100 transactions. More often than not though, journal entries will adjust the balance appropriately during the same time frame.

Companies and industries that use payments

Here’s the scenario: everyone in your company is sick and needs days off, while hundreds of customer orders also need to be filled. In other words, the perfect time for a disruption. That’s why it pays to have a backup plan in place for employees and customers alike. How could you handle how people pay at your business?

Impact of the epidemic on payments

With so many people worried about contracting measles, there’s been a noticeable decline in debit and credit card use. For example, the Oregonian reports that over 1,200 transactions at their business can’t be processed due to fear of spreading. This lack of card use has led to a decline in customer confidence and surprisingly increased costs for goods and services.

Bitcoin after Covid

The impact of the WannaCry Ransomware attacks on nation-states around the world has been understated but could have significant consequences for the future of mobile payments. There are emerging signs that politicians could allow or mandate methods of distributing money to citizens other than by card. The reality is that if every major bank is offline after a cyber security event banks should not expect public confidence in their payment systems to bounce back quickly. A number of disease-fighters, such as the Global Payment Satton Group and Multiple Government Corporation collaborate to coordinate research and policy to solve the epidemic. From the group’s forecast, it’s estimated that payment volumes will decline by ten percent per year as they promote products such as Covid, a vaccine against Ebola.

CryptoCurrency & Covid

Many financial professionals & mobile payment solution platform providing companies are speculating on the future of the global slowing economy forecast. One of the most popular subjects in the finance industry is the way cryptocurrencies will be affected. For example, if everyone was to panic and withdraw cash from their accounts to buy any item they deemed necessary, chances are that there would not be any cash availability. This means that banks would resort to funding themselves through loans, which in turn means increased interest rates for you and me!


“Trying to predict the future is never an exact science,” the proverb goes.
In this article, tried exploring what will happen to payments after the epidemic with a clear objective of anticipating risks and opportunities in that context. Unfortunately, our analysis does not end up in any crystal ball conclusions because it is difficult to put numbers on certain estimates. Nevertheless, we hope that the perspective of various experts increases our understanding of possible scenarios.

Living below the breadline

In 2018, there were approximately 30 million Americans living in poverty. During the same period, a study found that 17 million Americans were living in what is known as deep poverty. These families earned an income that was below 50% of the poverty line.

People who earn less than the Federal government’s official poverty threshold are considered to live in poverty. Under the threshold, that would be about $27,000 for a family of four. These individuals include seniors living on a fixed program, people working for minimum wage, employees who suddenly find themselves without a job, people working multiple jobs, and people from rural and other towns.


While there have been three consecutive years of increases, the dollar amount did not change significantly per household for families or non-families. There was, however, a shift in working behavior. There was a 2%  shift from 2018 to 2019 in individuals, both men and women, who shifted from part-time positions to full-time year-round positions.

Programs that help

Government-sponsored programs aim to alleviate the pressures of poverty on families from low-income households. Some of these programs are SNAP, the Supplemental Nutrition Program, or Lifeline. Lifeline provides phones and services at reduced rates or, in some cases, for free.

Several states participate in Lifeline and Lifeline phone companies Oklahoma-based is one example of a state that participates in this program. Other programs include Veterans and Survivors Pension Benefit, Federal Public Housing Assistance, Supplemental Security Income, the Veterans and Survivors Pension Benefit, certain Tribal Programs, or Medicaid.

Is Forex Profitable?

Forex trading is a business by exchanging currency. Nowadays, this business is considered a trending business. This is the time when people are looking for a business that can be run from home. With many people are starting to do forex trading, some of other people are wondering, and maybe you also have a question in mind that say, is forex profitable. Well, forex trading is profitable then, and is still profitable until now. 

I have to admit that many times now forex trading business is used as a scam business. Make people see that it promising, until it proven to be a scam Ponzi scheme. Forex trading business is not a business with easy money. To start this business, you have to learn and practice. You have to do this as a real business.

Two important thing that a trader must have, is a strong analysis capability to predict movement of price. Yes, trading forex is about predicting price. A trader has to be sure that the target he or she plan is achievable. This needs experience. The second one is money management. While nobody is always right, so money management is important.

Another important aspect in doing forex trading business is choosing a broker. Broker is important in forex trading. Good and regulated broker can help to reach the goal. Pick a regulated broker like etoro uk or any other broker that has a good reputation and regulated, because it is saver than any random broker.