Building a Strong TemplatePanic Brand

For me, TemplatePanic brand is very important. It is like a label that gives information about who TemplatePanic really are.

Why the brand is so important?
We live in the world of branding. It doesn’t matter whether you realize or not, everybody has their own personal brand. Good brand, bad brand or somewhere in between, famous or not famous. A brand of a company or product is an attribute that represents the character or quality of it.

In my opinion, the criteria of a strong brand is brand that can represent the product, really eye catching (doesn’t have to be presented in glowing or bright colors, but easy for people to remember) and it has a particular design graphic touch.

Sometime I have to go back to my TemplatePanic product and see whether the brand of TemplatePanic is good enough. Web developing and producing good quality of template and blog themes, and making good quality contents sometime make us forget about the importance of brand identity.

To build a strong brand is not a result of a rocket scientist work. Therefore, to make the brand strong and informative, sometime you need an Advertising Agency to work for it. But beside that, you still need to build it and keep it up. It is also a process you need to experience and attitude building towards other people, customers and environment.