Blog About Malayalam Actress

Recently I just made a blog about movie stars. It was a personal blog of my friend who like movies. It was not about Hollywood movies but Bollywood movies, Malayalam movie, Hindi and Tamil. It is interesting because that is the topic that I don’t really know. Despite of that from the view of niche marketing, this topic seems to be a good topic to blog about.

One of the famous Indian actresses is Jyothirmayi Nishanth. She was at first a serial artist then got introduced to Indian films through the film savanna. She had acted in various films in Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and English. She then paired up with great actors of Malayalam including Mohanlal and Mammootty. She also got offers opposite superstars Sathyaraj, Vijaykanth etc.

Jyothirmayi Nishanth was born in Kottayam, studied at Mata Nagar School. As an actress she is not just an ordinary actress, but she has got the Kerala State Award for Best Second Actress in 2002 in the film Bhavam.

Nishanth already play in many Malayalam movie, Tamil and also Hindi movie. Here are some of her famous films:
Chacko Randaman, Moonnamathoral, Bada Dosth, Ayur rekha, Arai Enn 305-il Kadavul, Sabari, Vedigundu Murugesan and much more.

Are you interested?

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