Black and White Mens Clothing Blog Design

black and white blog design

In making blog templates, I often do a browsing on internet to find ideas, new design styles and many kind of different themes (topics). In my search on the internet I came up with this Mens socal clothing website, which is dominated by black and white colors.

Although the black and white style combined with red spot for accentuation is a kind of my style too, I do not make this style often.

The design of this theme is perfectly match with the items displayed on the gallery. Most of the clothes displayed here are black and white with contemporary modern ornaments.

Talking about black and white on men’s clothing, it seems like solving the problem in coordinating men’s clothing. It is common for men to face dilemma in coordinating their fashion. These are the question that might pop when choosing what to wear.

How to match colors for mens dress shirts and mens dress pants?
How to coordinate checks with stripes?
What are the colors suitable between my suits and ties?
Are the colors and patterns matching my suits and ties?

Those questions are common for men because basically men have a poor power to visualize than women. Most men can not imagine how the things look like based on the colors and patterns through imagination. So it is very helpful to provide guidance for men’s dressing through pictures.