Atomic PR | Metrics and Data-Driven PR Are Good for the Bottom Line

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Any small business owner will tell you that operating your own business is often an amazing and rewarding experience – but never easy. Atomic PR was created in 1999 to drive a higher level of communications impact in the post-Internet era. Atomic PR’s exclusive strategy is designed to successfully manage a combination of conventional, digital and social networking that modern brands should be capable to navigate to be able to succeed. Atomic has designed breakthrough campaigns for a range of publicly traded and privately held clients which includes Photobucket, Bebo,, animoto, LivingSocial, Smule, and Simplifi Media – plus IMAX, Intuit, NETGEAR, Polaroid, ArcSight, Citrix Online, Pioneer Electronics and numerous others.

Metrics Driven Public Relations: Good for the Bottom Line

Atomic PR’s recent recognition as the “US Tech PR Agency of the Year” by The Holmes Report, brought metrics-driven public relations campaigns to the forefront of the industry. Unique in the world of public relations, Atomic PR uses metrics and analysis quite regularly when it develops its PR campaigns. Thanks to its proprietary ComContext PR analytics tool, all of Atomic PR’s clients can, and do, benefit from such analysis. The technique is so successful that many of AtomicPR’s clients report a 100% improvement across PR performance measures after implementing the public relations efforts and techniques recommended by Atomic PR.

AtomicPR’s Metrics-Driven Campaigns Provide Great Return on Investment

By utilizing metrics in the formation of their PR campaigns, Atomic PR is able to save its clients precious resources of time and money by identifying those PR avenues that will provide the biggest return on their investment. In a time of businesses stretching their investment dollars and reigning in expenses, AtomicPR‘s data-driven results are most welcome. Perhaps that is why The Holmes Report was impressed enough with Atomic PR, its ComContext platform and the company’s public relations strategies to award them the “US Tech PR Agency of the Year” title.

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