Active Directory Simplified Many Administrative Tasks

active-directoryActive Directory is the integrated, distributed directory service that is included with Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and Microsoft Windows 2000 Server. Integrated with Active Directory, many applications and services that previously required a separate, distinct directory and user id or password to be managed for each application or service.

Active Directory simplifies the task of adding, modifying, and deleting user accounts, by creating a link between user accounts, mailbox accounts, and applications.

There are many benefit of Active Directory for smaller enterprises. Increasing the user’s productivity, reducing the burden of IT Administration, improving fault tolerance to minimize downtime, enhancing security to provide better peace of mind, and leveraging the capabilities of Active Directory-enabled Applications. Active Directory simplified many administrative tasks and processes that, in the past, involved disparate applications, servers, and services. Organizations that migrated to Windows Server 2003 and Active Directory will be able to increase their user productivity, simplify daily tasks, improve reliability and integrity of their data, and ensure the storage, access, and communications on the network are kept as private and secured as possible.

The new feature in Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP, Remote Assistance, allow the user to request assistance from the administrator or support resource to help with technical issues they are encountering. This will help when supporting users who might be at their home office, or in another building. The user problems will be fixed faster.

The mission of NameScape 2 is to bring peak proficiency to an organization’s Active Directory management with our unique approach to employee directories.

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