Why Is Efficient User Experience Important for Cloud Back-Up and Recovery?

cloud storage

Cloud storage is rapidly becoming the preferred way of managing data for both business and personal uses. The cloud storage model is undeniable practical, but those designing or implementing storage systems are cautioned to keep in mind that these benefits do not always speak for themselves. In order to attract users who are accustomed to local storage or other types of storage solutions, cloud storage providers need to strive to make user experiences efficient and pleasant. Here are some things to keep in mind when making a cloud storage user interface.

Vendor Neutrality

Though some cloud storage systems require users to have a specific account with another vendor—usually Gmail or a social media account compatible with Open ID—this is generally not the preferred way of granting access. Individuals who don’t have the right kind of account will be frustrated they have to perform an extra step and create one, and even those who do have the necessary accounts may not want them linked to their storage provider. In general, it’s best to require a unique user name and password in order to access storage.

Collaborative Features

One of the most useful features a cloud storage system can have is the ability to share documents and editing responsibilities. Collaborative features should be varied, but also intuitive. It is especially important to provide the ability to recover changes and revert back to an older version of the project. Also essential is the ability to share documents selectively and delegate editing abilities only to approved users.

User Dashboard

The dashboard is the first thing the user sees when accessing the cloud storage application. Good dashboard design is essential to keep from intimidating new users and putting them off the product. The dashboard should be intuitive to navigate, with similar functions grouped together. A certain degree of customization is also a good idea, as it allows users to add their preferred links to their dashboard and get a more tailored experience.

Technical Support

For a professional cloud storage provider, nothing less than 24-hour technical support is acceptable. Since the documents stored in the cloud are often vital to the operation of a business or an individual’s well being, technical assistance should be on hand at all times to make sure users can access their data whenever they need it.

In order to sell more users on cloud storage, an efficient user interface is essential. It’s necessary to strike a balance between a storage system that performs all the important functions without being difficult to navigate.

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