Wearing Contact Lenses Properly

Wearing glasses is sometime tiring and not practical. Contact lenses are the good alternative. They are also can make better appearance. No glasses, means more comfortable. But don’t get it wrong, wearing contact lenses doesn’t mean without maintenance at all. Contact lenses require proper use. These are the steps that you need to follow when you use contact lenses, especially for those of you who buy contact lenses for the first time.

To wear contact lenses properly, try to find convenient place with mirror in-front of you, contact lenses water, and soap. First, place the lens for the right eye on the tip of the left pointer finger with the concave part of the lens facing upwards. To the concavity of the lens, add a drop of saline solution. Then, lift the upper eyelid with the right pointer finger until the iris (the colored disc of the eye) is exposed showing just a margin of the upper white part. Then, raise the left finger slowly and move it towards the right eye. Look into the mirror while moving the contact lens towards the eye. Make sure you place the contact lens on the center of your iris. After you are sure the contact lens is put properly, slowly remove your finger.

You can repeat the same step for the right eye, but this time, use your right finger. With a lot of practice you can do it more quickly and confidently.

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