Tips On Buying Memory Cards

memory-cardsThere are many formats of memory cards to choose on. Before buying the right memory card for your device, you should know the difference between them.

SD cards come in sizes up to 4GB and are available practically everywhere. Many current digital cameras use Secures Digital (SD) cards. They’re too large for most smart phones.

MiniSD card is smaller than the SD cards, and it is available in 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB sizes. It works with smart phones like the Motorola Q, the Cingular 8525, the Palm Treo 755p, and the Nokia E62 and N80.

MicroSD cards are extremely tiny, and commonly available in 512MB to 2GB sizes. It works with T-Mobile Dash, the Samsung BlackJack, and the consumer BlackBerrys (including the Pearl, 8300, and 8800).

USB card reader is easy compatibility with digital cameras.