SubmitEdge – The Importance of Link Building

SEO is the art of making your web pages to rank high in search engine. One of SEO method is link building. Link Building is very important to raise your rankings. Link building draws prospective customer targets to your website. Link building also effects on your page rank on search engine. The quality of links you get on your site will determine the site popularity. The more higher quality of links, the more your website get the top position in search engine.

But you have to be careful. The link building process is not that easy, it can take your site to the top of the search engine, and also can make your site panelized by search engine. You must use the legitimate ways of building link popularity. Link building is not easy, it is not an only one time event. Sometime it is frustrating and can spend long time. Never give up to search out and find the sources of links to your site, and your site position in the search engine will improve.

You need to understand the difference between low quality links, high quality links, and links with potential to be valuable. One of the important role to get quality links is article submission. Article Submission used to gain one way links and help promote your site. It is the process of writing an article and submitting it to the article directories. Basically you are allowed to put your link at the bottom of your article, and this will create one way link to your site.