The Advantages of Online Ticketing

An online ticketing or e-tickets is an electronic version of a regular paper ticket. With online ticketing, data automatically recorded in several computer databases when a reservation is confirmed.

The advantages of an online ticketing:

  • Time saving. It can be purchased online anywhere.
  • Flexible and convenience. Customers do not have to visit the offices in order to purchase tickets. Your customer knows that all of his/her friends will be able to see the show at the same time.
  • No need to worry about losing the ticket. It can’t be lost or forgotten at home. No need to carry a ticket with you.
  • It reduces expense by eliminating the need for printing the ticket.
  • You can deliver your tickets via mobile ticketing, where customers receive a text message ticket that can be scanned and used as a normal ticket at the door.
  • You can cut back on labor costs since you won’t need as many front line cashiers and front counter.
  • You can reach customers that you would have missed otherwise merely by letting them buy tickets in advance, from home.
  • You can pass more information through to your customers. Customers can be made aware of the various discount deals and special promotions that you offer.
  • Increase your sales by making it easy for customers to buy tickets.


You need software that gives you the ability to sell and issue print-at-home and smartphone tickets to any event or program and scan them on-site at the event using an iPhone. These online ticketing software allows you to issue tickets to an individual or group for any event or facility reservation for print-at-home or smartphone display. The software featuring:

  • Schedule and send email reminders with access to tickets
  • Check in and record participant attendance
  • Using free iPhone Mobile Check In App
  • Using a web camera connected to a laptop or desktop
  • Admit or refuse admission based on the results of the check in
  • Validate if ticket has been previously used or is outside of the allowable admission time
  • Manage attendee participation
  • Customize the ticket with logos, graphics, and instructions
  • Print name badges for the event participants.
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