Switching Web Hosting Companies Without Downtime

web hostingRemember that switching web hosting company can translate to a significant amount of downtime (a period when your site is unavailable). Downtime means a loss of communication with your customers and potential new customers. Here’s a small guide to make sure that you have the smoothest move possible no down time.

1. Carefully choose new Web Hosting that can provide your needs. Figure out what you want in a web host first. Is it for your personal or family blog, or for your local business? You will definitely need SSL if your site collects credit card payments. Check to see whether your new host is available at all before you commit to the host.

2. Download all current files used in your web site. Transfer and copy all the files from your original server. FTP provides more flexibility when managing your website rather than using an online manager.

3. Load up all your site files to your new host using just the IP address. Don’t forget to set up all the email accounts that are used on your domain as well.

4. Initiate the domain name record change. You may need to remove your domain name from the original server, who may serve as the registrar, to avoid forwarding fees.

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