Spousal Maintenance

If a marriage is failed and between husband and wife has decided to divorce, they have to think about how they are going to do with their wealth after they separates. It might happen that one side is affected financially more than the other. Depending on whose income is bigger between the husband and wife, one side should be supported.

Thing you should know before you decide to get divorce is the spousal maintenance. The spousal maintenance is a financial support that paid from a wife or husband after they got divorce. It can be some money that have to be given to the spouse, or also can be assets. The objective is to provide maintenance to enable the spouse to live up to the standard of living. It can be given to a wife or husband, depending on the income during and after the separation, and this will only be given when the wife or husband is really deserve it. The award of spousal maintenance depends on various factors. It is generally measured and determined on the basis of certain important issues like the income of both the spouses, the age and health of the partners, the length of their marriage, contribution of a spouse in a marriage, the assets they have, the standard of their living, and many more.

Because of the complication and the fact that there are so many factors related about it, often time a lawyer is needed to defend the right of both sides. Arizona Alimony Lawyer is one of the law firms that you can use to defend the alimony. By the way, the alimony is stop when the spouse is dead or remarried.

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