Some Tips About Flea Problems in Your Home

flea-problemMost of people that find out that their pets have fleas are shocked. Just because you don’t see the fleas, it doesn’t mean that they are not there. Fleas enter a home at any time. When the weather is cold, the fleas are not dying. They actually get more aggressive to find a place to live and get warm. That flea doesn’t care even if your pets are bathed and perfumed.

You have to help your pets with this flea bites, since they can’t help themselves, except licking, scratching and chewing at them and get the skin irritations.

Take your pets to the vet once a week and gave them a flea bath and dip. Talk to your local vet about the options to help your pet’s problems. You also need to vacuum your entire house. Gather their blankets, sheets, and whatever else they sleep on and clean them in the laundry. You also may need flea bombs for your home. The bombs not only killed the fleas, but also any ants, and other little critters crawling around in dark spaces. Don’t use topical flea control if your pets are still nursing their babies. Animals need to be at least 12 weeks of age for flea control of any kind. If you have just bathed them, please wait at least 48 hours to apply the flea control for best results.

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