Sharetronix Social Network

Social network is used by many people to interact in a community just for fun or doing business even markets their products. It is a recommendation these days that everybody use the power of social media. With all things that happen and all the different purposes of people using social media, it tends to become chaotic. It is a powerful tool actually if you can use the social media for specific purpose. What if you can use a social media purely for your specific purpose, let’s say for business, without being disturbed by any other useless things? The answer is Sharetronix. This is the Enterprise social network that can help you to collaborate you with your co-workers, clients and partners.

Let’s imagine that you are a team leader that handles a certain project. With other team member in different area that could be thousand miles away, you can still work together, make contact individually. It might require hundreds of phone call schedule to contact them by phone to make them organized, go to the same direction, and be in the same page. With all different opinion from each individual, it becomes more complex. Social media can help you to organize team and communicate efficiently. You can post something, like and even upload files. Making a group of different division for specific tasks, collaborate with other group, and also get in touch with client and partner. Everything can be done a lot more efficient, and even more, reduce the chaotic from being disturbed by useless information.

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