SEO for Internet Marketing

seo - search engine optimizationThe first time I learn about Internet Marketing, I was learning about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). For me, this is the basic of internet marketing but yet, this is the field that all internet marketer will never stop doing and learning about. SEO is the free way to get visitors to our website, but it requires patience and consistent hard work. This is the thing that I like the most because the other technique is called paying for visitors. Well, I don’t have so much money to do so, so I choose the free way to get traffic.

Basically all search engines run in the same algorithm, but there are major search engine like Google, Yahoo and Bing that have more complicated SEO algorithm. The main thing in doing an SEO to a website is on page SEO, thus making a website search engine friendly by adding meta tags, descriptions and keywords. By doing them, it makes search engine know what the website is talking about. After doing on page SEO, the next step is off page SEO. This is the step that you can say; unlimited.

Off page SEO is somethng you do to optimize a website by doing it from outside the website. The point is backlink. Adding as much related quality backlinks to a site can add point to that website.