Perfect Gift for Christmas

This Christmas, give your friends, relatives or your loved one the different and unique gift which they never got before, a set of led candles for decorating a table. This is a cool and unique candle which is very safe for kids. Candles can bring a romantic mood in a room, but the most problem with wax candle is the fear of fire and dripping wax that can make your floor or furniture dirty or even ruin. LED candle is designed just exactly like real candle, plus it has remote control to light the candle, which also enable you to set how the flame is going to light. You can make it steady or moving with flicker effect like a real flame. There is also aroma available if you want to add some. This candle can be used for indoor or outdoor without being afraid of the wind blowing. It will be still steady and lit. This LED candle is using wax finishing and looks so realistic, so nobody will notice whether it is real candle or not.

This candle is powered by three AAA batteries. You don’t need to worry anymore like when you are using wax candle that melts. It is ideal for centerpiece or ambient lighting.