How To Change, Modify, And Adding Plugins For WordPress Blog

I want to include the tutorial of “how to change, modify, and adding plugins for Wordpress blog” in my TemplatePanic blog. I am not an expert in blogging, but I believe that this tutorial can help you who really need this information.

You can browse the live demo for the modified Wordpress blog “here”:

The first time that you have to do is to find the basic template. I prefer Flickred 2.0.2 by “Small Potato”: because it is simple both design and navigation, and has good looking even there is no image needed. Template that has no image will load faster.

TemplatePanic vs

My hobby is searching the word “templatepanic” from Google Search, to find how many blogs that linked to my blog and use my template. I also visit their blogs:) I just realize that my blogger template also can be used for “”: But I don’t try it yet.

Cara Mengganti Template Textpattern

Mengganti template/theme di Textpattern memang sedikit lebih susah daripada Wordpress apalagi Blogger. Di samping itu, tiap template memiliki keunikan sendiri sehingga cara menginstall pun tidak sama untuk template yang satu dan template yang lain.

Langkah-langkah mengganti template Textpattern:
# Masuk ke “” (ada beberapa website yang menyediakan template untuk Textpattern. Untuk tutorial ini saya memakai TextPlates.

Rainbow Table Calendar

Yesterday I designed this table calendar with rainbow theme. If you have child, ask her/him to draw in the front side of this table calendar . There will be lot of fun. “Go here”: and enjoy your time.

Crowd of Fish 1024


bigger picture |

Two column blogger template, has best view in 1024×768 screen resolution. I don’t have any demo for this. For you who use this theme, I would appreciate you to put your blog link here for live demo. Just leave your link in the comment box.