Online Education Requires High Responsibility and Independence

study hard and independentThis is a personal experience of my cousin about how he works on his education. Having a formal education doesn’t have to be attending class in school. There are many reasons that people can not attend school or go to university. I remember that I ever told a story or a review about online training. Education can be acquired via online, without going to a physical class. Training can be done online. Moreover, if someone want to be a university student but for some reason he or she has difficulty in attending class (can be because of work, time, or disability) they can choose to study online.

Online university now has many fields. Almost all major can be learned online, and not only that, the degree from online education is also the same value as usual degree.

There is one big thing about learning via online. The student must be independent. All of the tasks, exercises and project is done by the student independently. That’s why the responsibility as a student is highly required here. Besides doing the tasks and project given by online university, the student should also search and study from other resource too.

I have a cousin who studies online, and he took medical as his subject. Of course he also needs other health medical books other than medical student books that the school recommends. The best medical books can be found also online via internet.

I am very supporting for his study and hoping he can graduate and get his degree, the same as his friends who go to the off line university. Online university is for those who really want to study, and has responsibility to finish their study. Somehow it is even better because the student will have a very flexible time, so he can study while working, or having a family.

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